FORUM Polish Photography Agency was established in 1994 and currently co-operates with 450 photographers that report various cultural, social and political events that occur in Poland and throughout the world. In addition to these photographers, FORUM is partners with over 60 photography agencies all over the world. Our collection consists 15 million photographs - all available online at

When FORUM was founded in 1994, there were no digital SLR cameras or mobile telephones available, internet speed was unbelievably slow, the standard computer had a RAM of 16MB, and the only way for photographers to submit their work was in person. We did not know then that we were only a few years from a technological evolution. In just three years we had a set up a part of our picture archives and made them available on the web. Our archives were began by the scanning of a vast number of pictures and material. During this time a myriad of photographers joined the agency and as FORUM grew more agencies sought to work with us and sentt us their photographs. The picture files became heavier and our IT department costs grew extensively.

In time, a History Department which develops new sources and stores old collections was formed in our agency. We co-operate with historians and collectors. We possess in our archives pictures from free lance photographers as well as museum collections. Every month, our historical collection increases by about 2000 new pictures. In addition to our extensive historical collection, we have created a celebrity picture portal which is updated daily, It contains pictures with captions of the hottest news regarding popular local and International stars. Through our portal, we guarantee our clients up to date information on interviews with celebrities, the parties they attend and the film sets they grace.

Our team consists of over 20 people, many of which have worked with us from the very beginning. Our clients are local and international newspapers and magazines, which include „Life-style” “kobieca” and “people” magazines. They also comprise of Television stations, Website editors, Public Relations officers, as well as advertising agencies.

With time a lot has changed in FORUM since 1994. Our company has grown, and advanced. The only thing that has not changed is our fascination with photography, and our principles of cooperation with our photographers, without whose talent and trust, FORUM would not exist.